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1. become larger in size.

2. become or make greater in intensity, number, amount, or volume.

"there was a noticeable and sustained swell in her wealth"

Welcome to
Swell Financial Planning

With offices both in the Gold Coast and Yeppoon, Swell Financial Planning services clients locally and around Australia.  We provide tailored solutions to help clients achieve their dreams! 


Swell Financial Planning passionately believe in the tremendous value  great financial advice can deliver to a person.

By obtaining financial advice, it can help you:

  • Set, manage & achieve your financial & lifestyle goals

  • Assist in getting your finances in order - allowing you to feel in control

  • Avoid expensive mistakes

  • Ensure you are educated and guided through life's key financial decisions in a way that is easy to understand.

Swell Financial Planning is not owned or controlled by any product provider - meaning we look to provide solutions that best meet your needs and are not compromised by incentives to recommend one product over another. 

Take our Financial Health Check now - and help determine your current position.


About Us

Swell Financial Planning will help you gain clarity and control regarding your finances, and implement a tailored plan designed to help you achieve your goals. 

Swell Financial Planning was established to help people create the life they wanted and not to be held back by confusion, stress or overwhelmed with their personal finances.


Our approach is in plain English.


With the goal for people to make smarter money choices, you will be guided and supported through life’s key financial decisions and we will help empower you to set a unique path, tailored to your own goals and preferences. You can have confidence and knowledge that our experienced team are with you at every step of the way.


So what does it cost?
Firstly - we don't charge up front fees just to meet you. We gladly offer a complimentary initial appointment to learn about you. See our Services page to learn more about our process. 


We offer fixed service fees that vary depending on your advice needs. 

We don't charge percentage based fees - so you won't be disadvantaged by investing more, or receiving higher returns. 

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