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Luke Shrewsbury

Director   |   Financial Advisor

As well as being Swell Financial Planning’s Managing Director, Luke is also the Founder and Senior Financial Adviser.

Luke has over 10 years experience as a Financial Planner - providing advice from everyone from young people starting out, to retirees, the wealthy, and not-so-wealthy looking to take control again. 

Luke has long had an interest in financial planning – after obtaining a job in credit card defaults and collections in his early 20’s while finishing his studies - and felt he could make a real difference to those around him, simply to better understand money and make better decisions, so he dedicated himself to learning and practising every role financial planning had to offer.

Having worked in a range of roles, from administration and adviser support in the early days – to advice roles within a range of firms, these experiences, and a thorough understanding of the industry, highlighted to Luke that there was plenty of good aspects to the industry, but also things that were out-dated, overly expensive, and also often favouring the adviser or firm providing the advice, not the clients paying for it.

So Luke decided to start from scratch – opening his own practice in May 2018.

By doing this, Luke can say that every decision made, centres around the needs of our clients. From our processes, offering, fee structure and the way we work with honesty and integrity. It has all been carefully developed to deliver better value and service to our clients.

 Luke has a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance, as well as other industry accreditations. Luke is committed to his ongoing education, and this ensures your plan remains up to date with industry, tax, and other changes that often occur. 

 Luke has previously provided commentary to News Limited publications such as the Courier Mail, Daily Telegraph and for life insurance, and savings advice.

Outside of work, Luke can be found out and about with his wife, and young daughters, on the water – boating or surfing, or generally keeping active and enjoying everything Queensland has to offer.


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Luke Shrewsbury

Whitney Shrewsbury

Business & Relationship Manager

Whitney joins the Swell Financial Planning team with a vast amount of experience in financial services & taxation, having worked in public practice accounting for over 10 years. 

Whitney's understanding of personal finance matters and excellent communication skills sees her act as an important liaison for clients, as well as provide critical business support to Luke and the advice team. 

Outside of work, Whitney is a wonderful mother, wife, sister and daughter - and genuinely brightens the peoples lives that are lucky enough to know her. 


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