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Calculating Your Superannuation in Preparation for the Future

Don't worry; all these taxing days of grinding from 9 to 5 will soon pay off. Your hard work, however daunting and stressful, will not be in vain, and the busy years you've spent in front of your computer will be rewarded once you settle into retirement. That is the ultimate goal for most people—the joy of having a cozy house, fireplace burning, and the contentment of having the fruits of your labour safe in your bank account.

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. The earlier you set aside funds, the longer you have to accumulate resources and make your money work for you.

The question, though, is what are the best investment vehicles for retirement?. After all, they will be the key to securing that retirement dream. With crucial questions like these, it is all the more necessary to have your superannuation checked and calculated as early as now.

Knowing Your Value

Superannuation is an amount reflective of an employee's contributions, return of investments, fees, insurance subscriptions, and taxes. With constant payments and gains accumulated to sustain these engagements, the value changes every day, week, month, year, and decade.

It can be difficult to determine your exact superannuation value at any given time. However, certain assumptions may produce accurate results if you follow these tips:

  • First, the best way to find out your value is to check your online account. Just fill in the necessary login details. Or you might want to dig through your email for online receipts.

  • For more personalized help, a super provider is one dial away. You can also opt for online superannuation calculators for at least a close estimate of what you can expect decades from now.

Factors for Assessment

You can only predict your superannuation value after gathering important details, such as the current balance, contributions, investment expectations, and deductions. After doing so, you should consider the following:

  • Have a clear and rational understanding of the variables and their limitations. By clearly discussing their implications, you can assess their direct impact on your super amount.

  • Note that employer contributions, salary sacrifice contributions, and personal deductible contributions are categorized as concessional. They are automatically filed under taxable contributions. On the other hand, non-taxable contributions are those that belong in the non-concessional categories.

  • One can only speculate on investment earnings as they are innately unpredictable. While hardly predictable in the short term, you can project a range for the long run.

  • Conservative investment options are not susceptible to risks, and if they are, they would be relatively low. Compared to more aggressive options, risks are inevitable and may take longer than usual to yield returns. Remember to stay away from get-rich-quick schemes, as these promises will just lead to tremendous financial loss sooner or later.


Though often taken for granted, superannuation stands as the most promising engagement you might want to look deeper into. You wouldn't have to do it by yourself, as financial professionals are willing and available to give expert advice regarding the ins and outs of money performance. With these services, you can make your dream retirement into reality!

Take your retirement goals to the next level. Have them planned by Swell Financial Planning, a group of superannuation advisers in Australia capable of giving you the life you always dreamed of. Contact us today!


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